Born 1986 in Neuss, Sebastian Schleicher is a musician, composer & producer who has been playing guitars since 2004. He fits well in different musical environments but puts his main focus on progressive rock/metal and in particular styles of pop music. Being a professional he decides to earn diverse skills in recording and mixing for music productions. In cooperation with the Logaton - professional media GmbH he supports certain music productions in different styles both as a studio guitarist/bassist, assistant producer and technical knowledge in songwriting and sounddesign.

In 2006 he forms the art rock band band Beside with Dennis Degen and Aljoscha Thaleikis which got a lot of line-up changes till this day. With Marcel Ackermann and Kai Steckmann they won the 1st place in a comptetion which supports talent and musicianship in local bands in Neuss. The latest line-up includes the touch guitarist Chris Herb and singer Tom Johannsen. Sebastian supervises all recordings in arranging and mixng and works as the main composer.

To gain more experimental influences he joins the progressive/experimental/jazz rock group A Fish's Diving Suit in early 2010 under the creative leadership of Chris Herb. First starting as an additional member he became a full member when Karsten Mroszczok was joining the band as well. Changes in musical style, which resulted from a change in the bands line-up(drums: Arthur Krol -> Dennis Degen), consequently lead to a new identity of the band and the new name A Birds Parachute.

In 2013, two of his projects made the 3rd place on the german rock & pop price for the best alternative rock band (Beside) and the best progressive rock band (A Bird's Parachute). All projects are still active and release compositions at irregular intervals.

Since 2014 he plays in the progressive rock band Amberfield with Karsten Mroszczok and Natalie Dröge and acts as a musician (guitars), main composer and as the producer.


Recording (24bit - 192 kHz)

Reamping / Resampling
Mobil recording system
Digitalization / Restauration (Vinyl/Tape)




Digital audio cutting
Sound & dynamic editing
Frequency / tone pitch correction
Post-editing (demo material included)
Sound level optimization
Sample rate convertion
Loop tempo adaption


Rent a professional
electric / acoustic guitar
or bass player
for your production
professional muscian partners


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Single Production: Bakerstreet - Gnosis Mixing & Mastering
Single Production: Bakerstreet - Dandelion Mixing & Mastering
Single Production: Bakerstreet - Bonfire Pleasure Mixing & Mastering
Cover Production: Annett Louisan - Wenn zwei zueinander passen Mixing & Mastering, Head Producer, Arrangements,
Acoustic Guitars, Keys
Single Production: Azazel Blind - Seven Little Demons Remixing & Mastering, Producer, Arrangements, Electric Guitar & Bass,
Backing Vocals
Single Production: Beyond Two Souls Electric Bass
EP Production: Amberfield Mixing & Mastering, Head Producer, Head Composer, Arrangements,
Electric & Acoustic Guitars
Single Production: Johannes Gereons - All The Troubles Mixing & Mastering, Head Producer, Head Composer, Arrangements,
Keys, Electric Guitars & Bass


Single Production: Amberfield - Hazed & Confused Mixing & Mastering, Head Producer, Head Composer, Arrangements,
Electric Guitars
Music: Aufstand der Bösewichte Mixing & Mastering, Head Composer, Arrangements, Piano
Drumvideo: Behind The Wall Mixing & Mastering, Arrangements, Acoustic & Electric Guitars
Single Production: Sun Is Taking Over Mixing & Mastering, Arrangements, Acoustic & Electric Guitars,
Vocals, Keys
EP Production: Mondream - EP Assistant Producer, Contributing Composer, Electric Guitars & Bass


Single Production: Johannes Gereons - Melancholia Mixing & Mastering, Head Producer, Arrangements, Keys, Strings,
Electric Bass
EP Production: Johannes Gereons - Faith & Fate Head Producer, Contributing Composer, Arrangements,
Acoustic Guitars, Electric Bass


Acoustic & Electric Guitars, Head Composer

Beside - Turn Your Head

Turn Your Head (2009)

Beside - Wood & Words

Wood & Words (2012)

Beside - New Games

New Games (2013)

A Fish's Diving Suit / A Bird's Parachute

Acoustic & Electric Guitars, Contributing Composer

A Fish's Diving Suit - Together In Twain

Together In Twain (2010)

A Fish's Diving Suit - Dilettante Jazz

Dilettante Jazz (2011)

A Bird's Parachute - Prog Rotation Vol.1

Prog Rotation Vol.1 (2013)

Sebastian Schleicher

Electric Guitars, Vocals, Backings, Head Composer, Mixing, Mastering

Sebastian Schleicher - Sun Is Taking Over

(Single) Sun Is Taking Over (2016)


Acoustic & Electric Guitars, Head Composer, Mixing

coming 2017

Glistening Leotard

Electric Bass, Mixing

coming 2017